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 Reclamation and Retention "One Brother for Another"


Welcome to Kappa Iota Iota Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., affectionately known as “The Service Chapter".  The work of KII impacts the Tidewater area, resounds through the Third District, and our footprint is international.  We strive to promote true brotherhood and live duty bound to pure supreme service to Omega. These are hard line characteristics that we require in our regimen of brothers new and old.  I encourage you to become intimate with KII and dwell in our unity to experience the true Omega spirit that is deeply engrained in KII.



KII has a very proactive focus for Reclamation and Retention.  As we all know this is a two fold process that requires a chapter to open the door and welcome brothers that have not been financially or physically active within the fold of Omega. KII will now move forward under the Reclamation theme of "One Brother for Another".  The principle action behind this theme is to have each current KII brother to actively and enthusiastically pursue another brother of Omega that has not been actively dear to her.  We each need to be seen as ambassadors of reclamation and gate keepers of retention.  All KII brothers are charged to bring just one brother to a meeting and successfully have him become financial and physically active.  If the brother at that time is unable to fulfill the full financial obligation we simply ask that he pay local dues while continuing to work and participate with KII.  Full financial commitment will be expected for the next Omega fiscal year.  We are convinced that if we get them in the door and working we can keep them in the chapter and that is the Retention aspect which is very vital for the long term health of the chapter. Tidewater First Fridays' will continue in February thru the rest of the year except July but it will serve as more of a fraternization piece for KII, Tidewater Ques, and friends.  This process can happen "overnight" because we all talk to, socialize around, or work with a brother that we do not see in a KII meeting or function.  As the Reclamation and Retention Chair my personal goal will be to ensure that all KII brothers are successful in our commitment of "One Brother for Another" and be a strong gate keeper of Retention.  We are and remain eternally KII!


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Derrick "LIL ROC" Greenhill

ACE SPR96 PG (Longtime Comin)

KII Reclamation and Retention Chairman